Patient empowerment, ICT and Health communication: digital practices, current issues and future trends

Health Communication Symposium

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Health Communication Symposium

The revolution that has occurred  in communication and cultural processes during the past years, has also involved health communication issue. As a matter of fact, health communication is becoming more and more relevant in Italy as well as in the other countries, according to the development of the international debate on the various scenarios enabled by the diffusion of new information and communication technologies (ICT).

Nowadays the increasing diffusion  of medical websites,  forums and health topics communities, allowing experience sharing peer to peer, can be considered as evidence of  the great interest and the strong need for medical information among users and the development of a tendency toward self-help inside a 2.0 logic.
Scientific literature agrees  that this scenario is deeply modifying the relationship between doctors and ” informed” patients,  and also the relationship between citizens and healthcare  institutions, with outcomes that research is still trying to investigate.

So: How can we promote a real empowerment of citizens / patients in this new media ecosystem? On these issues the University of Sassari Department of Political Science , Communication Science and Information Engineering holds a two-day “International Health Communication Symposium” (26-27 May) with the participation of researchers and scholars of national and international level.

The Symposium is articulated in three sessions on the following main topics:

a) Digital Technologies and social media for health care systems;

b) Empowering Citizens in the New Health Scenario;

c) Health Communication Campaigns: new media, new publics, new inequalities?

Researchers and scholars can participate to a call for paper  sending an abstract to the organizers. Deadline for submitting the abstract is April 30th ; the Official language of the event is English.

There will be the participation of  international scholars like: Teri Thompson, University of Dayton (USA), Jeong-Nam Kim, Purdue University (USA), Francisco Lupianez Villanueva, Open University of Catalonia (Spain), Anne Linda Camerini, Università della Svizzera Italiana (Switzerland), Lella Mazzoli, Università di Urbino and Pina Lalli Università di Bologna (Italy).

The event will be held in Sassari in Aula Verde- Viale Mancini 5, main building. Teresa Thompson (University of Dayton , USA) , editor of Health Communication, a leading journal in this sector, will contribute to the Symposium with a speech on current issues and future trends in health communication research.

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Best original papers presented at the Symposium will be published on Fall/Winter 2015.

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